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¢ David of Rochelle - Also known as The Black Mage. David lived in and out of the realm for more than seven
hundred years. He happened upon the Magic Tome in the Abby at Palermo, Sicily in 1259. At the time, he was
helping his good friend Archduke Mephistopheles who was trying to find a cure for a dreadful disease. Until the
Magic came awake and selected Aarvid and Mona as its conduits -- making its magic available to them -- David was
the only one who could wield a number of magic spells. He had gained access to only a limited number of spells
since the time he discovered the Magic Tome. Always a pretty shrewd business man, David used his magical abilities
to amass a fortune in the world of men. He left control of the Realm of Magic to his friend, Cardinal Mephistopheles.
Towards the end, about the time of this novel, their friendship had become strained, mainly because David did not
see eye to eye with Mephistopheles' methods.

¢ Gemma Rocher -- Mother to Aarvid and Mona. Widowed at the start of Vol. I, 'The Sound of the Gong'. Unable
to sense the Magic Tome, she was finally convinced of the involvement of magic in her son's disappearance by

¢ Jenn -- Daughter of Burgher Jan, the miller. Prior to finding herself translocated into the realm of magic, she
managed to frustrate David Rochelle's amorous advances. While inside the magic realm she continued to frustrate
David's and Cardinal Mephistopheles' efforts to control her. It was her telepathic plea for help that drew young
Aarvid to investigate the windmill. Eager to be of help to Aarvid, she ended up teaming up with him, and thus
became his friend and tutor.

¢ Rob VanderLinden (Detective) -- As an investigator with Dutch Interpol, his main assignment was to try and stay
on top of the frequent kidnapping of youngsters. During his investigation into Aarvid's disappearance, he developed
an attraction to the widowed mother (Gemma) and befriended young Mona. In trying to make good on his promise
to find young Aarvid, he followed his trail across a large part of the continent.

¢ Burgher Jan -- The last miller to work the now haunted and delapidated old windmill, and father to Jenn. He was
banished to the realm by David when he caught him snooping around his possessions while David was a guest at the
miller's home. Frequently caustic or sarcastic, he has proven to be an unreliable partner to his daughter Jenn in her
quest to regain their freedom and escape from the magic realm.

¢ Crawitz (Commander)- The epitome of a loyal guardsman, he continued to perform his duties without question,
while always trying to accomplish his task without using unnecessary force.

¢ Kirchner - Captain of the Prussian guardsmen, he accompanied Cardinal Mephistopheles into the Magic Realm.
Since then, the power of his position has corrupted him as well.

¢ Gons -- The large male swan who had taken up home in the pond next to the haunted wind mill. He had developed
a relationship with Aarvid even before his magical adventure began. However, once Aarvid found himself trapped
within the Magic Realm the swan proved to be his ticket out of trouble and a most trusted companion as well.

¢ Gaph -- Gons' new mate. She joined the adventure and proved herself a reliable and faithful companion.

¢ Maartens (Constable) - Set in his ways, this bungling officer of the law was the first to arrive at the scene of
Aarvid's disappearance.

¢ Aaron Rocker -- Father to Aarvid and Mona and husband to Gemma. Suffered what appeared to be a fatal
accident at the start of Vol. I. His remains were never recovered from what was left of his work station. He was
declared dead for legal purposes.

The characters reviewed

Note: The characters in the Magic Realm are trapped there for lifetimes that extend far beyond those that live in the
normal world. The residents of the Magic Realm are also susceptible to physical changes that reflect their true nature.
Remember these words uttered by Jenn when she tried to explain to Aarvid: "…In this realm, people can't hide from
their true selves nor can they hide it from others. … In a very short time you change into the image of your soul."
¢ Aarvid Rocher -- Eleven year old son of Aaron and Gemma
Rocher. Atuned to the magic, he answered its beckoning call by
entering the old, haunted wind mill. There, ensnared by the magic
of the Magic Tome, he blundered into the Magic Realm.
During the trilogy of "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens" his wits,
character, and magical skills will be tested before he hopes to
emerge as one of the wielders of Ba El Shebub's powerful magic
created to save mankind.

¢ Mona Rocher -- Nine year old daughter of Aaron and Gemma
Rocher. Sociable and attractive with her hazel eyes and auburn
hair, she has taken charge of the Magic Tome and proved to be
too tough a nut to crack for Cardinal Mephistopheles. Her
dedication to her brother allowed the two to use the magic to
remain in touch and to work their combined magics to their
advantage; thus the sound of the gong.
Mona as well must prove worthy before she'll have complete and
shared access to Ba El Shebub's magic.
¢ Mephistopheles - The Cardinal has been a nearly permanent resident of
the magic realm for more than seven hundred years. Apprenticed at the age
of nine, young Guiseppi DeMaria became Duke of Palermo and
Archbishop of Sicily in 1259, at the age of 22. He renamed himself
Archduke Mephistopheles. With the help of his friend David DeBourbon,
he discovered the 'Magic Tome'. His life, along with those of his loyal
Prussian guardsmen, was saved in 1303, months after his appointment to
Cardinal by Pope Bonafice VIII. Thanks to his good friend David
DeBourbon, who managed to solve a few of the magical riddles posed by
the Tome of Magic, he escaped into the Magic Realm. Thus, escaping
death at the hands of King Philip IV, of France who was intent on settling a
score with the reigning Pope. Ever since, he has been the more or less
unopposed ruler of the Magic Realm.
Seven hundred years of unbridled power has corrupted him to the point of
where you find him in this first volume of "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens".
¢ Ba El Shebub - The guardian of the magic. Ba El Shebub
lived more that 5000 years ago and called together an enclave of
other powerful magi to create a magic that would survive
through time only to be awakened when it was to fulfill its
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