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Wouter F. Nunnink was born in 1941, in Indonesia. He barely survived four years of internment
in prison camp by both, the Japanese occupiers during World War II, and the native
Indonesians during the their fight for freedom following the conclusion of the war. After
spending most of his youth in Indonesia, he completed his secondary education in The
Netherlands. In 1960, at the age of nineteen, his family immigrated to the U.S. and established
residence in the State of Vermont where I married my wife, Julie. The author and his wife
continued to live and work in Vermont. They had three wonderful children who are now grown
up. After 31 years of teaching, Wouter retired and took up working for IBM. During his latter
years as a teacher the urge came to start writing short stories. He shared these with his middle
and high school age students. One of those stories grew and expanded as the years went by and
developed into the current novel "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens". Now, at the age of 64,
Wouter is seriously considering writing as his next challenge in life. With experiences of living in
The Author with his
son and grandson.
Copy Right 2006 Wouter F. Nunnink Author
different cultures ranging from life as a Dutchman in Indonesia, to living in The Netherlands as an Asian, and life as we
know it in the U.S., along with added experiences gained from visiting countries while traveling from Indonesia to Holland
and back, he should provide a unique flavor to his stories.
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