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Aarvid Mona magic book
Story outline and introduction for --

Book I, "The Sound of the Gong."

" I am very excited to share with you this brief outline and introduction. I hope that it will suffice to give you an idea of
what transpires in this fictional account of how two Dutch youngsters become entangled by an ancient magic. This
multi-layered story will capture you, the reader, with its many adventures and exciting, realistic characters. It mixes reality
with fantasy in a way that makes it reasonable to assume that the chronicled events could have happened to any two
youngsters living in our day and age.
" In this first volume of the trilogy an ancient semi-dormant magic, conceived by a precognizant Magus, awakens. For
more than 4,500 years, Ba El Shebub's magic had been biding its time, waiting for the right moment to be released from
its binds. Now, that time has come. Eleven-year-old Aarvid and his nine-year-old sister Mona become the magic's chosen
conduits and are entangled in its web.
" Young Aarvid finds himself trapped in a strange, hostile, and microscopic-sized world. Faced with an unrelenting need
to defend himself against denizens of this magic realm, he and his newfound friend Jenn fly off on a large swan in an
attempt to escape their assailants. Aarvid's development in learning to use and control the magic really takes off with his
and his companion's flight. As they flee from their pursuers and are engaged in numerous adventures, Aarvid learns about
himself and his much more mature companion, Jenn.

" His sister Mona remains behind and finds herself besieged in ways that force her to fend for herself as well. Equally
affected by the powers of the magic tome, she battles persistent attempts by one of the realm's powerful rulers to regain
control of the book of magic. Through her love for her brother, and protective of herself and her mother, Mona grows
into a tough minded nine year old. She discovers that the tome provides her with powers that allow her to protect both,
her and her mother from a malicious and powerful creature of the realm. In addition, gently manipulated by the magic, she
discovers the ability to communicate with her brother and even to intercede in his behalf.
" This first book concludes with the magic collaboration of brother and sister during its final and most dangerous
adventure. In this story, filled with action and adventure, the two youngsters are being prepared for their roles as wielders
of a magic that was created to help mankind survive. The sound of the gong chimes in their first right of passage as
wielders of this magic. It will be heard every time one, or both pass another benchmark
" The target audience for this series is 8th grade through adult. A largely adult population of pre-publication trial readers
has responded to the book with extreme excitement. Comments such as "Wow, I did not know you had it in you! This is
the best book I have read in a very long time!", "Boy, what a great story! Do you mind if I pass this on to my ", and "I
started reading it and could not put it down!" This was a pleasant surprise since the book was targeted towards a
younger reading audience. My latest information has the book being sold throughout the US and England, with interest
developing in The Netherlands as well.
" On the web page titled "Buy the Book", the book's cover and its ISBN code are displayed. The book is published by
Publish America and distributed by Ingram. It is ready for ordering. You will find it listed with other newly available
Copy Right 2006 Wouter F. Nunnink Author
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